Evangelism News Flash! You too can reach your neighbors with the message of Christ.
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  • The Bible clearly shows that personal witnessing

    is not limited to a few

    who are especially gifted for evangelism.

  • Sharing Christ is the responsibility

    of every one of his followers.

    We are each responsible to share our faith

    with those outside the body of Christ.

  • All of us are called to be the salt of the earth,

    the light of the world, and branches of the vine

    to affect those around us.

Learn how to share Christ - any believer can!

Every believer is called to be a witness for our Lord. But research shows that in any given church almost all the personal evangelism is done by less than 10 percent of the congregation.

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Why don't more Christians tell others about Jesus Christ? For most people the real problem is lack of confidence.

One Chance

We were created for a reason - a divine purpose. If we clearly share the truth about Jesus, even briefly, we should trust the Holy Spirit to bear witness to that truth in the mind and heart of a person.

God's Plan

God has a plan for each of our lives. Two great moments in our lives are when we are born and when we discover why we were born.

The Lost

Jesus directed His disciples' focus to the task before them of being witnesses to a lost world in the power of the Spirit.

Who & Why

The apostle Peter’s preaching in the Book of Acts always answers two basic questions: Who was Jesus? and Why did He give His life?

What Everyone Needs to Know

What does somebody really need to know to believe in Jesus and receive his gift of forgiveness and eternal life? In the book of Acts, Peter's preaching always focused on two things: Jesus' identity, and the purpose of his mission on earth.